Be Healthy in the Cold Season – 5 Tips

HealthIconLargeGoodWhen the cold season comes, all of us seem to be slower and prone to outside factors. There are some things that all of us could do to prevent getting ill in this time of year, as nobody wants to spend the winter season with medication.

It won’t matter if the cold season for you means just a decrease with a few degrees in the usual temperature. If your body and your organism is used to a certain temperature, once the temperature goes down for the winter season, you will feel the effects of this too. This period of year, you will be more sensitive than the rest of the time to viruses, infections and illnesses like flu or colds.

As the saying goes, it’s easier to prevent than to treat, so here it is:

Tip 1 – Boosting the Diet

stethescope-with-apple_61319875-2During the winter, it’s easy to get flu, especially because your body lacks the necessary vitamins. To prevent getting sick, it’s best if you increase the input of vitamin C, through foods that have a high concentration of it. Winter is also the season of oranges and grapefruits, so eating them should also bring a smile to your face. If you don’t like oranges, you can always try to drink lemonade (made of real lemons, which are rich in vitamin C), add capsicum or broccoli to your food, or eat kiwi. All of these will help you out very nicely, and you can have them as a shake or smoothie.

Tip 2 – Don’t Forget To Exercise

Clipart Illustration of a Healthy Red Heart Running PastEven if the cold winter comes, you don’t have to stop your daily routine of exercising. You can still run for a few minutes in the morning, or do your indoor exercises, go to the gym or swimming. No matter what you choose to do, this is a good way to keep the blood pressure constant and a powerful immune system. Don’t exaggerate though, because if you do too much daily exercise, you may weaken your immune system.

Tip 3 – Socialize

This is also another secret to staying healthy during the winter. It’s also about making new friends, but it’s also about being in contact with other people. This will help your immune system getting used to outside factors that usually don’t affect it.

Don’t worry about what kind of activity you should do –just go out and have some fun. The more people there are around you, the better for your immune system.

Tip 4 – Wash

careforde-nonprof-logoDon’t think only about washing your clothes, but think also about washing your hands as often as possible. Washing them thoroughly will prevent you from ingesting different viruses, bacteria or microbes. This should be done especially before eating because food is very sensitive to this, but also after you have had an outside activity or you have played with your pet. Use the soap for about 20 seconds, rinse with plenty of water and use a clean tower to dry your hands.

Tip 5 – Don’t Lose Sleep

Sleep is very important to the wellbeing of your organism. An 8 hours sleep each night should allow your body to fully rest and be ready for the next day. The lack of sleep can seriously affect your body – even if you don’t feel tired right away, soon you’ll be feeling the effects. Once the body gets used to the lack of sleep, it’s easier for you to get an infection or an illness. As this is not something that you desire, make sure you take your “health sleep” every night.

These tips can be followed no matter what time of the year there is, because exercise, vitamin C, a good night sleep, washing and socializing are usual things that should be part our daily routine. To find out more about how to stay healthy, just give us a call at InterFA and we’ll help you out!