What Is Instantly Ageless Skin Care?

One of the biggest nightmares of any women is to have fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines and dark spots on their faces. Many women spend a lot of their money behind trying out different clinical procedures and several anti-aging products to get back their youthful skin. Jeunesse Global has brought products which can fight all the signs of aging and help you to get a flawless and ever glowing skin.

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Two of the most amazing innovations of Jeunesse Global are its Instantly Ageless Eye Cream and Luminesce Rejuvenation Skincare System.

Instantly Ageless Eye Cream

This product is an anti-wrinkle cream, which claims to reduce the noticeable signs of aging in a quick and effective method instantly ageless twitter. It has an ingredient called argireline, which works like a Botox without the needles. The visibility of the fine lines and the pores minimizes within 2 minutes of applying it.

Advantages of using Instantly Ageless

If you apply this anti-wrinkle cream, the benefits that can be derived are:

  • It will minimize the wrinkles and the fine lines.
  • It will diminish the appearance of the pores on your face.
  • It will help to eliminate the puffiness and the dark circles under the eyes.
  • It will make your skin tone even.
  • It will reduce all the visible signs of your aging and restores the skin to optimum appearance.
  • It works within two minutes of applying it.
  • You can use it with or without makeup.

Method of applying it

Take a little amount of the cream in your fingers and lightly pat on the targeted areas. Leave your skin about 80 percent damp and try to remain absolutely expressionless for two to three minutes. Allow the product to dry out to get amazing results. Make sure to apply it as directed. Avoid any kind of direct contact with the eyes. However, if the product goes into your eyes immediately flush it out with water

The effect of the cream can lasts can last for over 24 hours, although the best effect is seen within the 24-hours of its application. Once you wash the face, the effect noticeably reduces.

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Luminesce Rejuvenation Skincare

Luminesce is a group of products which ensures to rejuvenate your skin cells at a molecular level. Luminesce calls it Y.E.S, i.e., Youth Enhancement System. The system mainly contains three parts:

  1. Stem-cell innovation
  2. DNA repair
  3. Telomere maintenance

The most popular products of the Luminesce skincare system are the ultimate lifting masque, the advanced night repair and the daily moisturizing complex.

Ultimate Lifting Masque

This product has been instantly ageless review 2015, so that, it can instantly reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. This mask has a patent-pending stem cell technology, which instantly lifts and hydrates your skin. The product has some exotic botanicals in it, which binds the skin surface leading to an instant skin lift. These botanicals even provide the essential moisture to repair the skin.

Advantages of using the masque

  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • It tightens the skin and gives it an instant lift.
  • It is rich in vitamin and antioxidants. The presence of cucumber extracts makes your skin soft.
  • It drives out the contaminants like blackheads and blemishes.
  • The signs of aging on your face get visibly reduced.

Advanced night repair

This advanced night repair cream takes your skin through a cycle of self-restoration. Its powerful vitamins and antioxidants correct all the environmental damages during your sleep.

Advantages of using the night cream

  • It increases the hydration of the cells within a span of two weeks.
  • It diminishes the visibility of the fine lines within two hours.
  • It restores the luminosity and firmness of your skin.
  • The appearance of the age spots gets reduced.
  • Your skin becomes evenly toned.

Daily moisturizing complex

This all day moisturizing complex consists of apple, watermelon and lentil extracts which helps to hydrate the skin and the green algae extract protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of using the moisturizer

  • It keeps your skin hydrated for 24-hours.
  • It increases the intra-cellular hydration within two weeks.
  • It helps to lock the moisture of the skin and protect it from the UV rays.
  • The vitamins present in it, diminish the age spots.

Three other products of the Luminesce skincare system are the Youth Restoring Cleanser, the Cellular Rejuvation Serum and the Essential Body Renewal.